Apple iMacs with Blu-ray and redesigned enclosure in production

Apple Next-Gen iMac

Apple has begun production of the next-generation iMacs and may be set to come in between now and mid-October, according to AppleInsider. Well, I can be more excited if there will be a “Black iMac” on the roll along with its new features and upgrades.

Accordingly based from the two people familiar with the matter, the new much cheaper all-in-one desktop were on production on a Taiwan based Mac maker’s that has been finalized in early this September.

Even there are insufficient details they added some clues on its design as well, with a thinner enclosure frame design fitted from its Cupertino-based new LED-lit Cinema Display. There have been also reports of a possible Blu-ray drive option, and this new iteration of iMacs could be introduced within several weeks in a claim by research firm Wedge Partners. Let us just wait until this crafted Mac looms around officially.

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