Sony PS3 Slim shipping August 25th, precaution for Xbox 360’s price cut

Sony PS3 Slim shipping August 25th

Sony PS3 Slim officially will be shipping tomorrow one week earlier from it’s initially slated September 1st release. Amazon updated PS3 Slim listing to be shipping as early as tomorrow which accordingly reflected to GameStop listing.

Seemingly this is a major surprise for those willingly gamers who pre-ordered the console, but such intriguing Sony’s decision is shipping the console earlier than announced. Most likely what comes on my mind is Microsoft’s Xbox 360 price-cut which is expected to slash price of Xbox 360 Elite to $299.99. This could be Sony’s precaution to lure buyers before Xbox comes into price competition.

So far, the new Sony PS3 Slim clearly has an edge with Xbox, with cheaper price, features and slim design, plus the hype that its ‘new’. Now I don’t hear about Wii?

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