Nintendo Wii the next big $50 Price Cut

Nintendo Wii

We all know that Sony and Microsoft have dropped the price of PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite. Now don’t you think that Nintendo should slash at least $50 on its best-selling Nintendo Wii for it becoming overpriced? If you would think too, at $250 it would only $50 cheaper than the two consoles with high-end HD graphics, huge internal storage, and video marketplaces.

Nintendo Wii as the bestselling console to-date, have gotten to its stand with a big price consideration over PS3 and Xbox 360 before. Apparently this idea won’t seemed applicable now on consumers looking for value and much more offerings that likely the two consoles have for only $50 price difference.

For the passed few months now we only heard about Sony and Microsoft, and now come the news that even struck Nintendo finding out that the rumored PS3 Slim and Xbox /PS3 price cut is a big reality. What should Nintendo do to return the favor back to the two companies? Move Nintendo Wii to $200 and maybe bundled offerings like putting MotionPlus or Wii Sports Resort together in a box.

If you think you agree to $50 price cut on Wii, let us hear you on the comment form.

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