Microsoft released SDK to develop Bing iPhone Apps

Bing iPhone App

Microsoft is targeting iPhone as another media for their quest to boost Bing’s popularity and usage. The company released a software developer kit (SDK) designed to make integration on Bing easily and make development of iPhone app possible for developers.

With the use of the SDK, the app’s developer can design the application to run searches on Bing for information, images, news, videos and phonebook results. The application can only be built on Cocoa Touch APIs that was supported to run query on Bing.

The SDK will also support development to integrate Bing searches into applications for Mac computers.

As of now Google is the default search engine in the iPhone’s browser and options to switch to Yahoo. And poor Bing is left to do the hassle of typing its URL, for now, as it comes to be part of the App Store hopefully soon.

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