French retailer claims real and cheaper PS3 Slim

Sony PlayStation 3 packaging

We have seen the sleek design of a supposed to be PS3 Slim and the when it appeared on Amazon Germany listing. Which seemingly binds the trends of PS3 Slim reliable rumors coming from Europe, amongst is Sony may announce a new PlayStation at Germany Gamescom Expo and the latest French gaming site with an interview on anonymous French retailer claiming that the PS3 Slim is real and cost much cheaper (100 euros) from the current PS3.

Some parts of the interview tells about if the new console together with the price cut may regains Sony’s position and spur sales, which seems to be possible considering the new features (may includes a built in motion-sensor, Project Natal) and cost much cheaper. The retailer also sited that he’s been told that the new iteration of PS3 is just a ‘limited edition’, but he doubt it and find it hard to believe in.

The retailer also claims that the new PS3 console will be in store shelves by next month but there are still no words yet on its date. Hold on as early next week for a possible official announcement from Sony of a new PS3.

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