Facebook 3.0 released in the App Store ready for download

Facebook 3.0 APP

Facebook 3.0 application is now officially available for download on App Store after two weeks on process upon submission for Apple’s approval. It’s still listed as version number 2.5 in the App Store, but when you hit up the download link you will get its latest 3.0 iteration. So how’s the app, does it lives to your expectations in terms of features?

Honestly, if you have experience the app, it does feel you’re navigating a normal Facebook running on your browser in expense of your handheld iPhone. There are a lot of features to play with in the App. Interestingly, if you have upgraded on iPhone 3GS then you will be able to upload videos directly from your handset to your Facebook page.

According to App’s designer Joe Hewitt, he is still working on Push Notification feature that isn’t included on the 3.0 version that presumably be part of 3.1 update. There are also some interesting features to watch out for, like the app’s landscape mode and support to watch videos directly from the app without uploading it first.

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