China Unicom officially to sell iPhone by October

China Apple iPhone

China Unicom Network one of the biggest mobile phone operators with outstanding 135 million users officially confirmed a three-year deal to Apple to sell iPhone on China. Apple’s iPhone finally reached the hands of million Chinese consumers.

On Aug. 28, the company and Apple reached a three-year agreement for the company to sell iPhone in China. The initial launch is expected to be in the fourth calendar quarter of 2009. This will provide users with brand new communication and information experience.

Chinese folks will be getting both 3G and 3GS version of the iPhone, but apparently with Wi-Fi feature disabled as required by the law in China. China Unicom will be also offering subsidies to consumers to make the phone affordable, but the company has no words yet on the subsidy level.

If all goes into plan, fellow people of Yao Ming will be handling their iPhones by October.

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