Sony PSP Go for Pre-order now on Amazon

Sony PSP Go slide

Recently we have seen the Sony PSP Go gone from rumor to being official. Sony unveils this new UMD-less portable game console with 16GB of onboard storage at E3. And now features PSP Go for pre-order with expected shipping date falling on October 1st.

You can book your order now at Amazon with two variation of PSP Go, with white at $249.99 and black at $248.99. If you think that the new game console is a little bit overpriced compared to the original PSP at $169.99 you can stay and wait for some better bundle deals, a par that we know that each accessories for the new PSP will be available soon too.

Knowing that PSP Go is the newest portable game console on the market now, grabbing one for your own would make some envy-eyes with your peers.


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