Olive unveiled Opus Hi-Fi Digital Stereo features up to 2TB music storage

Opus Nº4 Hi-Fi Digital Stereo

Olive has just unveiled Opus, a new top of the line stereo systems. It was really a sleek looking device designed for serious music enthusiast. Apparently you won’t be just satisfied by the way it looks, but it would make you feel more special with its whooping up to 2TB storage capacity.

The feature-packed Opus Nº4 Hi-Fi Digital Stereo spells what you’re looking for a sound system. A touch-screen dock menu will enable users a quick access on its functionalities. Users can even listen to online radio stations, use wireless playback and more. The stereo system uses FLAC formatting for its imported CDs content.

5 Great reasons to own an Opus Nº4 Hi-Fi Digital Stereo

  • Store your complete music collection on one device. (We’ll even preload your CDs for you).
  • Finding the music you want is easy with the new intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Enjoy your music anywhere at home – in up to 10 rooms simultaneously.
  • Sit back and enjoy your favorite CD tunes in high fidelity sound. (Or get up and dance.)
  • Setup is a snap. No professional installers needed.

The Opus is available in several models with 500GB model ($1,499), a 1TB model ($1,599) and a whopping 2TB model ($1,799).

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