Nokia and Sony Ericsson developing Android-based Smartphones

Nokia Google Android based smartphone

As projected, there will lots of new announcements for handsets that will be powered by Google Android software platform. In a while, we discovered that the world’s largest mobile manufacturer is prepping out to broaden its horizon beyond Symbian OS by developing a mobile phone that runs Android platform. Even Sony Ericsson has been mum of the details, their long time development of an Android-based mobile handset isn’t new to us, thus Yahoo! Tech and Mobil magazine has drawn an apparent validity.

“The Android software platform, meanwhile, has been gaining ground with over half a dozen handsets expected to be available by the end of the year.”

“Analysts at HSBC reckon Nokia had 47% of the global smartphone market in 2007; that was down to 35% last summer and 31% at the end of the year.”

Nokia’s known for its falling smartphone market shares has moved the company to develop an Android-based handset, which seemingly competitive to goes on war with Apple iPhone and Blackberry Storm.

Nokia has no words to detail the new Android handset, recent announcements has made a conclusive preposition as the Finnish manufacturer ties with Intel to widen its smartphone range and its internet tablet N810 that is able to fully run on an Android platform.

In a wild stream of leaks, a Danish site Mobil claims Sony Ericsson’s upcoming Android handset codenamed Rachael through their published images. This new handset is inline with SE’s XEPERIA series which is timed to be release later this year.

According to Mobil’s specification the SE Rachael will relies on Qualcomm Snapdragon platform which will run up to 1GHz processing speed and HSPA of 7.2Mbps. It would also features an 8.1 megapixel, autofocus and flash camera, touchcreen with dimensions still floating, 3.5mm audio jack and mini USB support.

The Android-based Rachael is quite impressive with comparison of the current smartphone line on market. Notable feature is its 8.1MP camera that is superb with the existing iPhone (3MP), HTC Hero and Samsung Galaxy (both 5MP).

Bound by the timeline, it looks like that Rachael will be in time to run Google Android 2.0 which will be also scheduled to be release later this year plus the fact that it can also have support for Adobe flash.

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