Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Download now available

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 browser

Officially Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 3.5, the new version of its popular Web Browser. Firefox 3.5 is hyped with new features, improved performances and enormously faster than both Firefox 3 and 2. This includes JavaScript loading speed performances along with just general web browsing.

Mozilla with its quest to “upgrade the Web”, there are all out to improve user experience by boosting Firefox 3.5 with over 5,000 enhancements the cover the entire aspects of browser’s functionality. Notable improvements are the support to HTML5 video element, “which enables native video playback in the browser without requiring proprietary plugins such as Flash.”

If you want to experience the browsing prowess of Firefox 3.5 you can go below with the download link.

According to i4u, “Mac users be warned, Boy Genius notes that some Mac users are unable to restore tabs or reopen saved sessions after exiting. Windows users don’t appear affected, so most of you shouldn’t have to worry.”

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5

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