Microsoft, Yahoo! partnership take on Google in the internet search

Microsoft Yahoo! Google internet search

Microsoft has finally won the second most popular search engine Yahoo! to a 10-year partnership deal and its obvious track to take on the kingdom of Google in the online internet search and advertising market.

Winning the access to Yahoo! gives a major opportunity for Microsoft to shows Bing’s latest search technology. And more likely attract more advertising sales away from Google which generates more than $20B per year.

It shows that the newly born Bing will be accelerated as it will inherit Yahoo! market shares up to 28 percent. According to comScore Inc, a notable 65 percent of the U.S. searches go on Google’s mighty Pandora’s Box. Which we can’t deny it would still be along way for Microsoft and Yahoo! but there are still possibilities.

We don’t know if this is only a counter attack from Microsoft as Google slowly penetrates on its core software business –knowing Google Chrome OS and Chrome Browser.

The partnership deal for both company can brought out their focus strength by simply concentrating Microsoft on search technology and Yahoo! on its keeping a healthy advertising website. This could be a focus little steps in dethroning the almighty Google.

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