Microsoft declared Windows 7 delivery ready for manufacturers

Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

Microsoft has just announced the new Windows 7 operating system out complete for delivery to computer manufacturers. This will allow manufacturers to set time to equip their computers and other devices with the new Windows 7 operating system.

Gizmodo claims that the final version of the OS is so similar to the RC1 currently out and they can’t even tell the difference.

Mostly you can expect now is blast of new Windows 7 equipped devices like tablets, laptops and even netbooks. This becomes really exciting seeing a multi-touch Ion-based tablet running this new operating system.

Apparently it won’t be available by September, the Windows 7 will hit the store shelves first on October 22 in major languages and October 31 in other twenty one languages. The pricing has been announced earlier confirming that it is really cheaper than Vista.

European Commission anti-trust inquiry, will serve European users with Windows 7 version where Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s Web browser are not included.

From what we know, one thing we are looking forward here that Windows 7 will regain the Windows greatness and iron-out Vista’s bad publicity.


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