Einstein Robot conveys realistic facial expressions on video

Einstein Robot still learning to smile –on videoCredit: PopSci
What if robots will be able to serve you facial expressions like any human’s affections and reactions accordingly? This reality seemingly is in line of a near future progress as the University of California, San Diego claims that their Einstein robot was able to make realistic facial expressions. Video after the continue link below.

So far the robot has managed to express the feelings like sadness, anger, joy, and surprise after several years of manually programming the robot’s facial muscle to form the right expressions. The Hanson Robotics’ Einstein Head has now learned to guide itself and able to analyze its own expression in a mirror through a facial detection software called CERT (Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox).

After learning the relationship between the controls of facial motors and its accompanied expressions the robot will now be able to master faces that he never been encountered before.

So if you remembered the ever popular Einstein’s stick-out tongue picture, in time I believe this robot will bull you with the same expression.

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