Best Buy’s Palm Pre worth $99 is a false alarm

Best Buys Palm Pre worth $99 is a false alarm

Rolling like thunder is the news around the web is about Palm Pre’s availability at Best Buy for only $99 for a two year contract. Imagine the $100 discounted is a head-turning deal at all with no rebates or anything like that. Apparently, before you have gone on your nearest Best Buy locations, we doubt you would get this $99 Palm Pre as it turns out to be a false alarm.

Accordingly to correct this error, Best Buy marketing manager John Bernier has acknowledged the error and tells that the Pre is at still $199 via Twitter.

We don’t know if this is a dirty-trick to attract visitors and hog of attentions for the Palm Pre and Best Buy, but for now we can do nothing at all. Let’s just watch out for another great mistake or Palm Pre’s real inevitable price drop in the future.

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