Apple iPod Touch and iPhone’s Blizzard WoW Mobile Armory free download

Apple iPhone World of Warcraft Armory apps

Last April, we give you insights that World of Warcraft is coming on iPhone, now the app is available for free download. Since this would means something on Apple knowing there are over 11 million subscribers of WoW and even more beneficial on Blizzard side as it may double up this millions with the portability and popularity of iPod Touch and iPhone may bring to the game.

The WoW Mobile Armory works like a full armory website, which allows user to access their character, guild, arena team information, WoW news and a whole lot more of gaming functionalities. Residing on an app like this makes a true convenience with just a simple tap of your fingertips. And given more it’s equipped with a talent-calculator so you can have efficiency on the go.

Besides from its free, it’s a third party app that ties your WoW account that will requires you to login information to gain access.

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