Zune HD confirmed running Nvidia’s Tegra chipset

Zune HD confirmed running Nvidia’s Tegra chipset

The past couple of months we have seen how the Zune HD rumors steals out our breakfast tech news. Zune HD would be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra chipset is one of the rumor that have not been get an official answer from Microsoft.

However from a Zune Insider podcast finally Matt Akers, Software Development Engineer in Test, give the final words to confirm the said rumor.

We actually wanted to confirm something. There’s been a lot of chatter going on right now about us possibly putting the Nvidia Tegra chipset in the Zune HD. Guess what we did. Ok, right now, we’re going to go ahead and confirm that. Yes, the Zune HD does have the Tegra chip in it, which is so sick. So much better battery life, graphics acceleration. I mean, this thing is like a mini laptop in your hand. It’s so awesome.

I don’t see it, why some enthusiasts don’t waste time to disassemble Zune HD? Maybe then they have discovered the Tegra within this device.

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