Vodafone’s iPhone 3GS pricing announced with free tethering

Lara Binge iPhone 3GS vodafone pricing

As the wave of the new iPhone 3GS hits the shore beyond US, we can expect number of plans will be available which likely Vodafone heads up. We can easily pick up the $69 cap, which gives you a free 16GB iPhone 3GS over 24 months, including $400 worth of calls and text and 1GB of data, a free 32GB model at $114 per month with unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of data.

Also notable here is Vodafone free tethering service that AT&T doesn’t have at the moment. It’s also available on purchase for extra data which will cost you 1GB is $25 and 2GB is $30.

If you’re a prepaid lover and have some bucks to shed out you can get the three available model of iPhone 3GS with the following prices 8GB iPhone 3G costing $759, the 16GB 3GS costing $929 and the 32GB 3GS going for $1129.

Vodafone iPhone 3GS Pricing
Image Credit: Gizmodo.au

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