New iPod Touch 3G rumored coming this September

Do you have an iPod Touch that’s seemingly taken for granted with the hype the iPhone 3GS have as of now. Well, you don’t have to worry at this moment since a new discovery from iPod Touch Fans with the BlueTool initialization script in the iPhone 3.0 firmware there are mentions of a new iPod Touch called “iPod3,1.” Given that the current generation is referred to as “iPod2,1,” this indicates Apple has a new version in the works. Maybe an iPod Touch 3G (3rd Generation)?

According to earlier rumors the new features that the iPod Touch pointing out a camera that take video, a larger screen, new wireless features, a digital compass, and GPS. But I think Apple will be cautious here of making the iTouch more of an iPhone 3GS to protect the integrity of its products. Likewise giving away the reason to buy an iPhone 3GS.

Knowing the secrecy Apple has when it comes to its product launch, we can assure no words, but knowing the last upgrade to iTouch came last September I speculate that the next one would be this coming September too. Let’s us see if this turns to be true as sure Apple information like this will come out within the next months.

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