Kingston Data Traveler 200 and Edge Tech DiskGO 128GB USB flash drives

Kingston Data Traveler 200 and Edge Tech DiskGO 128GB USB flash drives

Even Kingston has pinned the first 128GB flash drive, looks like the competition have gone early as Edge Tech unveils its DiskGO drive that match the 128GB storage capacity.

Kingston Data Traveler 200 is 3 inches long and half inch thick, 128GB USB flash drive and known as the first of its kind. Nonetheless, it’s one geeky gadget with its added security and ruggedness. It’s available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities for a very affordable $120, $213, and $546, respectively. Strangely, enough its 128GB version is a made to order only, with customers wanting to purchase the portable drive can place an order through online retailers or resellers.

Meanwhile, Edge Tech DiskGO gives the same magic with 128GB storage capacity and house is a durable aluminum case. It will match Kingston security features with its bundled encryption software. At $390 it’s $150 cheaper than Kingston’s DT 200. DiskGO is expected to be shipping ob July 31st.

The portable USB storages have come a long way of securing our files and it has become a part of our daily work and as well convenience. We’ve seen the prices of USB flash drives for the past four years has come down, as the storage technology moves to terabytes. And for you and us, $390 or $546 is still out of our crisis-tied pocket, we can still wait for these price tags to be budget-friendly.

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