Intel’s Core i7 975 Extreme Edition the world’s fastest desktop processor

Intel's Core i7 975 Extreme Edition

Even if we don’t heard much of this processor (it’s been launched quietly) maybe Intel doesn’t want to bang products promotional intros that fall within same week with Nehalem-EX (Intel’s Octal-core processor). And this time, the 3.33GHz Core i7 975 Extreme Edition makes it sounds clear why it doesn’t need promo-event –as it claims the world’s fastest desktop processor.

Hot Hardware and PC Perspective claims that this Intel’s Core i7 975 is the fastest desktop processor at this time dethroning its brother Core i7 965 as the world’s fastest.

OC-freak will be fond of this procee as HotHardware pulled it off to 4.1GHz gets an efficient voltage bump while just hitting a 50-degree Celsius max temperature using Intel’s stock heat sink.

Hold your cravings as this monster proc won’t seem not that affordable as it is priced at US$1,129 on PCs For Everyone and Provantage price the processor between $1,100 and $1,250. Exaggeratedly the proc is still amazing, but you have to ready your thrifty pocket to get this fastest desktop processor.

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