Intel to announce up to 320GB second generation SSDs

Intel 320GB SSD storage deviceCredit: TrustedReviews

It looks like that the 320GB rumor that we heard back last January is coming to life. Accordingly, The Inquirer reports that Intel will soon announced a new line of SSDs that will be the second generation state drive based on the company’s 34nm NAND chips with up to 320GB of storage capacity, reduced power consumption, and even faster performance.

Even Intel will be in attempt to launch its new SSDs 2.0 storage; tight competitions are already embarking around the line, with the likes of OCZ, Corsair, Western Digital , Samsung and Fusion-io these companies are known for the same line of business.

Hard to tell if there will be any incoming price drops for SSDs, since there will be a new entry points for capacity upon intros for the 2.0. Seeing a 40GB SSD get that affordable will be cool stuff to add on every netbooks around. Let’s just hope for a future price drop.


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