Apple iPhone 3G S orders now shipping

Apple iPhone 3G S orders now shipping

It looks like Apple has announced some of those first lucky buyers that their pre-ordered iPhones 3G S are getting shipped. Despite the official launch date for the iPhone 3G S delivery will be due on this Friday. A clear signs tells orders made through AT&T are appearing as “in progress” on customers’ order status pages and have been assigned tracking numbers.

It looks like that Apple and AT&T are really moving in preparation for the launch of the new iPhone and as well the new OS 3.0. Unfortunately for those people wanting their new iPhone through online order, AT&T has sold-out their initial pre-order allotment meaning customer will have to camp-out in retail store on launch day.

It has been estimated that there are 800 people per store reserved an iPhone 3G S, that means we are looking up to possible 200,000 units reserved. Let’s see if the new iPhone 3G S will break its predecessor record on its first weekend sales.

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