Palm Pre’s landing page on Best Buy is up

BestBuy Palm Pre website page

It is been a long run since this rumor that the Palm Pre will be exclusive to Best Buy on its release. Looks like that this rumor is now on track as Best Buy sets a landing page for the Pre after few days of showing a banner ads that states “Meet the Palm Pre”. Aside from Sprint as its natural retailer, Pre is said to be locked for first 60 days retails on Best Buy.

We will set the bar now for indication that it’s really coming, after watching a video of Pre’s unboxing. And knowing that Best Buy is really on wild promoting and building marketing awareness then we can see Pre is just really coming.

Speculations falls really in depth for Pre’s release, but for now we can hope for a $199 price tag to gain a more competitive market share with its target key competitor the Apple iPhone and a range of Blackberrys.

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