Nokia turns Ovi Store glitches into Success

Nokia N97 on Ovi Store

I’ve read plenty of reactions; even complaints as Ovi Store were launched by Nokia. They claim that Nokia’s servers have been overwhelmed with traffic “shortly after launching, it began experiencing extraordinarily high spikes of traffic that resulted in some performance issues.” Turning its bad luck or lets say unprepared launch into good luck with the saying “Ovi Store is already a success”.

Why it would be a success if the pilot launch is a failure? Personally I have visited the site on the day it was launch, and I got a blank page that don’t even load at all. And I got a confirmation when I read plenty of complaints for glitches on Ovi. These were supported by the overflowing comments on Ovi Store blog, expressing their disappointment because the website was too slow and they could not install applications on their mobile phone.

“We have apologised to users on the blog and we encourage people to carry on giving us feedback as we develop the service better,” Nokia spokesman Andrew Flowers told AFP. “We have added server capacity to improve the speed of service,” he added.

Sometimes customer looks at the first impressions, and especially it we are talking about services. Nokia should have set a plan of installing more server bandwidth to handle that traffic spike. Glad, the company says they are working on it.

Considering Nokia as always on top of the mobile handset competition worldwide, we can expect after all, as they fix those fault on Ovi Store we can say that the silver line for Nokia’s success in the App business is down the line later.

This was the intentions for Nokia to widen its services, by opening a new “door” (Ovi means “door” in Finnish). “The company plans to increase the amount of services offered for mobile phone users as it is seen as a way to stay ahead of aggressive new competitors such as Google, Apple and RIM, which makes the popular Blackberry handsets” said Nokia chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

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