Microsoft’s Zune HD gets official –integrates with Xbox this E3

Microsoft Zune HD black color

Microsoft officially announced the Zune HD. If you’re still wondering if it’s true then it will be coming at hand this fall. As seemed to be like exactly of the rumored specs with 3.3-inch, 480 x 272 OLED capacitive touchscreen display, built-in HD Radio receiver and HD output. Although it seems Microsoft is in secrecy for some of the vital details it looks like they are cooking some new touch-friendly apps and games plus a customized browser for the new Zune to utilize its WiFi connectivity.

Another few things missing on the shelves are about the pricing and storage. I believe that Microsoft moving ahead of the battle with iPod will settle on 32GB storage.

If we are still in hope on new things, then the new Zune HD is said to have that integration with the Xbox and Xbox Live, we can see some excitement.

Microsoft also states that “attendees will see first-hand how Zune integrates into Xbox LIVE creating a game-changing entertainment experience” –all we need to do now is just wait on E3 and let’s see how we can experience that total entertainment. And how it will battle out Apple iPod in full performance.

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