Microsoft’s 3 reasons Zune Pass beats iTunes

Microsoft Zune Pass

It looks likes Apple is against-all-ads with Microsoft after making one, two, three, four Laptop Hunter ads, now here’s another price attack against Apple but now to the online music store business. Convincing everyone, Microsoft put Wes Moss, Certified Financial Planner, to tell everyone the advantages of Zune Pass than purchasing from iTunes store. I put a video and the 3 reasons Microsoft is saying why ‘Zune Pass beats iTunes’.

Here is what stated to the Zune Pass website:

3 reasons Zune Pass beats iTunes

$14.99 VS. $30,000
Say you and your friend each have a 120 GB music player. If you fill yours with Zune Pass and your friends fills his with iTunes, your friends will have spent $29,985 more than you did for same songs.

If you end up not liking the tracks you pulled down using your Zune Pass, just delete them and download some more. Won’t cost you a cent extra. Meanwhile, your friend who paid per track is stack –all sales are final at iTunes.

It’s a subscriber’s market. In this economy (or any for that matter), does it really make sense to pay a whole dollar for a song when you could be pulling down whole discographies for less than 50 cents a day?

I believe that the ads does make sense and have point but I don’t believe that it will break the iPod and iTunes trend –that is continuously growing and dominating the online music industry plus a monthly subscription with this ailing economy may be not appealing at all. If Microsoft only tends to promote the Zune Pass does exist –well, they have that accomplished. Breaking the trend that Apple have established for long since iPod and iTunes, they have to make more of new things with Zune and with Zune Pass great offerings they can start another trend to battle out iPod and iTunes.

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