Intel has announced Nehalem-EX Octal-Core Server CPU

Intel has announced Nehalem-EX Octal-Core Server CPU

As reported earlier this week, Intel is going to gave details on the Octal-Core Server CPU Nehalem-EX the company just held a press conference to spoke about its next-gen server processor. Rising from its origins of Nehalem micro-architecture, Nehalem-EX outstripped its predecessors Xeon 5500 and Core i7 series processors. The new octal-core will be performing as much as twice the quad-core (which supports 8-threads) with support up to 16-threads through Hyper-Threading and ultimately 24MB of cache.

Here is the summary of Intel’s Nehalem-EX features according to HotHardware:

  • Intel Nehalem Architecture built on Intel’s unique 45nm high-k metal gate technology process
  • Up to 8 cores per processor
  • Up to 16 threads per processor with Intel Hyper-threading
  • Scalability up to eight sockets via Quick Path Interconnects and greater with third-party node controllers
  • QuickPath Architecture with four high-bandwidth links
  • 24MB of shared cache
  • Integrated memory controllers
  • Intel Turbo Boost Technology
  • Intel scalable memory buffer and scalable memory interconnects
  • Up to 9x the memory bandwidth of previous generation
  • Support for up to 16 memory slots per processor socket
  • Advanced RAS capabilities including MCA Recovery
  • 2.3 billion transistors

Find more of the details as HotHardware give the sneak-review of the next-generation processor from Intel, as well as the comparison from the previous series of Intel’s server processors.

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