Chinese Wholesaler sells Next-Generation iPhone 3G Parts

China Ontrade iPhone 4G parts comparison

Even the next-generation iPhone 3G have not appeared officially anywhere and even on the shelves of Apple Store, some parts of it has been posted by a wholesaler China Ontrade. They claim the LCD screen and the middle internal bezel for the next-gen iPhone 3G with comparison picture of the old ones to the new parts.

The site also stated this “This is great honour for China Ontrade (HK) to be the 1st started to supply iphone 3gen 2009 parts directly from factory”.

We can’t assure that the website and the parts are faux, because they sell large supplies of iPhone 3G parts, as well as original factory parts for Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, MacBooks, and even Nintendo that makes the site somehow “reliable”.

Shipping order for iPhone 3G 2009 parts will be within 5-12 working days.

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