ASUS Motherboards World’s First to Support Windows 7 RC

ASUS Motherboards World's First to Support Windows 7 RC

ASUS has just announced that ASUS motherboards are the world’s first to support Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC). The development team of ASUS has done a great job tracking each new beta releases of Windows 7 to create a beta driver for their motherboard which means users can immediately try the Windows 7 RC release easily.

The beta drivers can be downloaded from ASUS motherboard support website. With the wide range of ASUS motherboard available, the models that are currently supported are ASUS P6T Deluxe V2, P5Q-E, P5Q PRO Turbo, P5Q SE PLUS and M4A78-EM. According to ASUS, support for all P6T, P5Q and M4 series will be available soon.

With the Windows 7 RC now available for public consumption, ASUS motherboard users will have an advantage on this to try what being new and proved ahead of anyone the streamlined user interface, improved speed and enhance system utilization that Microsoft has been hyped from the day of it was launched.

Read ASUS Press Release
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