12TB DVDs coming –a giant step on data storage aside from Blu-ray

12TB DVDs coming –a giant step on data storage aside from Blu-ray

Imagine how many movies a single 12TB DVD will have, it can even store the deck of your good-old collections of blockbuster films. Australian scientist has developed a new multilayer optical storage medium that can store up 1.1TB/cm3. This leaves a single-sided normal DVD-5 with 4.7GB of capacity just a little spot on its surface.

Unlike the most advance DVD-18 which is a dual-sided and able a 4-layer deep that can store up to 17GB, this new technology uses an exact same location where you can put multiple pieces of data up to 10 layers deep. These layers are filled with gold nanorods that are set to respond only to particular types of light (normal DVD laser 650nm red color). When the storage medium is illuminated by a laser of a specific color and polarization, only the right nanorods are activated and read.

Considering that DVDs are now old with Sony’s Blu-ray (PS3) that can store up to 50GB with a single disc that uses a much shorter 405nm blue laser to read the disc (where its name is derived –blue laser), this allows for almost six times more data storage than on a DVD. Even Blu-ray technology is just new, this seemingly no match with this new storage development.

Apparently scientists have yet to demonstrate this technique on a rotating disc, and then this could be one of the giant steps on data storage. To sum up, they also foresees that this new media storage will be un-rewritable.

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