‘World of Warcraft’ to come on iPhone

iPhone World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an incredibly popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with over 11 million subscribers. So there’s a lot of possible ways that Apple may partner up with other App developers to build up a possible WoW on your iPhone, we can see this 11 million my double-up in number with the portability that iPhone may bring to the game.

Recently a posted video on YouTube shows “fully functioning app” World of Warcraft running on an iPhone. The game is running on Vollee client, this application is from a mobile company whose aim is to utilized 3G networks to play CPU intensive applications.

“Through the VolleeX engine, we can take full PC games, MMOs or even virtual worlds and stream them to any 3G enabled handsets. This means that you can now access games or full persistent online worlds right from your mobile handset. It’s a real step forward for mobile games as you can now have meaningful connected experiences on your handset. “

Vollee has announced a partnership with ActivisionBlizzard making hint of a biggest possibility of WoW on iPhone. This is also been supported with Vollee statement last year that they will support the iPhone platform.

We can have as much speculation but the possibilities shows positive marks of bringing WoW on iPhone platform. We can see both parties will have a profitable future in the making that iPhone users may have to play the Wow and Wow fans may have to download apps (and makes another billion), so likewise buying an iPhone.

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