Pentax new K-series DSLR to unveils this coming May 21

Pentax new K-series DSLR

Nikon have stolen a show this week with its fast introduction and availability of Nikon D5000. Now Pentax may have set clues on its flagship DSLR with a new Japanese teaser as. It advertises an unveiling date to fall on May 21st with a label of “new K” stamped by a partial image of supposed to be the teasing camera. There are no words on its feature set as of now, just to lure its fans that it is coming soon.

According to Electronista, if the new model would be K7D, it should have the feature of the existing Pentax pro camera line. Additionally, they cited some existing rumors that the camera sports like improved autofocusing system, burst shooting above 5 frames per second, viewfinder with 100 percent coverage, 1/8000 shutter speed, potential for 720p video recording with audio and a live LCD preview.

If the rumors would set to be true, we can expect its price class to be above the K20D.

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