Nokia N97 to be available at €599 on TIM

Nokia N97 to be available at €599 on TIM

It seems that Nokia N97 projection of massive market release this June have been in the line, as TIM unveils the Nokia flagship at €599 to serves the demand of Italian subscribers. At €599 it’s still pricy as we expected, but still TIM’s website listing of a possible market price trend for N97 in the market.

We can see the a bright competition on the mobile market by June, with the possible early release for Palm Pre, the availability of iPhone 3.0 and a wonderful time as N97 starts to ships worldwide.

If you still thinking that TIM’s listing of €599 are still the quite expensive, but this shows a much better price than Expansys’ current price of £669.99. If you will do a quick mathematics TIM’s listing will go about US$793, still suggest an intensive thinking before buying this phone, considering there’s a whole lot of other mobile phones up for the competition.

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