Nintendo Game Boy 20th Birthday –longest running dynasty in video game business

Nintendo GameBoy Advance

I just remembered the days when I used to play my Game Boy, where all my childhood spare time goes like nothing when my thoughts are in this monochrome gaming device. No doubt how the Game Boy has lived since Nintendo released this handheld gaming device where at that time will cost you 12,500 yen (Japan debut 1989). Nintendo Game Boy comes with games like the Super Mario Land, Baseball, Alleyway and Yakuman, apparently the available games have grew into hundreds marking its successful release.

Nintendo hit the US market at $89.99 selling million units during the Christmas season. Additionally, Game Boy made popular by its pack-in game Tetris, the original Nintendo have sold 118.69 million units worldwide not including its new version the Game Boy Advance.

Nintendo have gone far in the gaming industry, producing the world known Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DSi, and other gaming innovations. But Nintendo Game Boy who have started it all, have established its glorious place in the gaming industry even today.

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