‘Let’s Tap’ an exciting add-ons on Wii-wares

‘Let’s Tap’ an exciting add-ons on Wii-wares

Let’s Tap is other exciting add-ons on Wii-wares aside from accurate and precise motion controller MotionPlus. Let’s Tap as the titles suggest, the controls are translated by taps of your fingers. You place your Wiimote onto the box and then you tap the box with your fingers. The scheme brings a very interesting and unique way to enjoy the Wii, not just situated on Wiimote, besides no buttons, no other movement and yet very simple for any ages to play with.

We can see that Let’s Tap can bring exciting and fun tapping along side with kids on a Sunday family affairs or even on guest home party. If you would settle on a traditional Nintendo Wiimote better yet finding something new and different like Let’s Tap.

Let’s Tap expected release is by June 16, same month as MotionPlus will be available on shelves of retailers.

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