Intel Inside –redesign to simplify the brands

Intel Inside sticker picture

Intel has done amazing jobs on innovations, likewise a new redesign of the famous “Intel Inside” sticker that you would mostly see on computers powered by Intel processors. Even the later versions of the badge looks great, I believe that this new sets of badges tells Intel’s broader effort to simplify the brands.

“Look for new versions of the famous Intel Inside sticker to begin appearing on laptops and PCs starting today. Intel has done a complete re-design of its product badges as part of a broader effort to simplify its brands, strengthen the connection to the master brand, and highlight the company’s crown jewel: the microprocessor itself.

The new badges provide a clean and consistent link between Intel and the specific product, as seen here with the new Intel Core i7 processor badge. The shape of all the new badges has been modified from vertical to horizontal, with a corner reveal showing a section of silicon die to help communicate the technology inside. So watch for the new badges to start appearing on PC’s, in retail advertisements, online, and elsewhere. “ –Intel Blog

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