IBM Supercomputer Watson takes on Jeopardy!

IBM’s Deep Blue has gave chess champion Garry Kasparov a headache and a run for his money, now IBM will try to face off Ken Jennings (holds the record for longest-reigning Jeopardy champion) with the development of another supercomputer Watson, aimed to compete on the popular game show –Jeopardy!.

The design team would still have to pound juices on this development, as to see an artificial intelligence would react and think exactly as human. To see how complex the database of information for the answers, and how the program will understand and respond to complex phrasing, analogies and relationships –in-a-snap to beat the human competitor on the buzzer. The interesting twists here, supercomputer Watson will have to rely on its stored data on it database before the game and don’t have any access with the unlimited information online.

If IBM’s supercomputer Watson will still have to beat Ken Jennings on this game, this will be another big bold step on human artificial intelligence technology.

Apparently, the long run of artificial thinking technology has failed to recreates the capabilities of a human brain. If IBM would be successful of developing Watson, we can describe the future of a smarter planet, –that we likely to see on sci-fi movies.

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