HP dethrone Dell as number one PC supplier in the US

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HP has dethrone Dell as the number one PC supplier in the US having shipped 4.1 million units to Dell’s 3.9 million, with Acer taking the third spot with 1.6 million units shipped. These results are according to Q1 figures released by IDC.

Additionally the reports tells positive feedback on the US market that have fall only 3% from last year, which analysts predicted to be a meltdown. The sales of low-cost portable PCs and netbooks have void the predicted market falls.

“The U.S. PC market proved to be surprisingly resilient this quarter as notebooks were still seen as important purchases by many U.S. consumers. HP’s dethroning of Dell as the U.S. market share leader and extending its worldwide market share lead is a testament to the company’s solid record of business execution over the last several quarters and indicates that Dell still faces some challenges in its efforts to reignite its business.”

Both HP and Acer saw double-digit sales growth from last year, while Dell sales declined 16.2%. World-wide sales rankings align with those in the US, with HP in the lead followed by Dell and Acer. Overall, world-wide sales are down 7.1% from last year.

According to Wall Street Journal, Dells decline could be based on the company’s reliance on corporate sales and lack of retail outlet and the price war competition for low-cost portable PC which mostly dominated by HP and Acer.

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