Bluetooth 3.0 + HS get official with approximate data transfer rate of 24Mbps

Bluetooth 3.0 + HS get official with approximate data transfer rate of 24Mbps

The Bluetooth SIG officially announced its new Bluetooth 3.0+HS specification dubbed as Bluetooth High Speed Technology. The new Bluetooth versions shows markedly high rates of data transfer prior to its succeeding version, its reliance to 802.11 radio supports provides increased in data transfer at approximate rate of 24Mbps.

The new design Bluetooth 3.0+HS enables the ability to switch over to an 802.11 radio for faster transfer and its completely backwards compatible with older Bluetooth devices. For instance, you can transfer large files from camcorder-to-HDTV, PC-to-PMP and UMPC-to-printer and camera-to-PC transfers.

We still have something to dig over this new technology, how about if its possible for the older version of Bluetooth devices be upgraded into 3.0? And if we analyze the power needed for this huge data transfers, this unhealthy power consumption can eats up portable devices life-time like netbooks, cellphones, PMPs and other battery-powered portables.

These possible flaws are still on works with Atheros, Broadcom, and CSR are finding the compatible hardware solutions. We won’t still be able to see devices equipped with this standard up for another 9 to 12 months. So we can’t expect for incoming compatible Bluetooth devices like smartphones, camcorder or netbooks supporting this new spec until early 2010.

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