AT&T leaked document shows fear on Palm Pre

AT&T leaked document iPhone vs. Palm Pre

AT&T may show how they respect Palm Pre, by sending a document around their internal network for employees to make believe that iPhone is way ahead on features and design to the incoming Pre. We see the comparison above and yes some points maybe undeniably true, but to hold in-store seminars for employees just to make sure all iPhone advantages from Pre is communicated. We can see that Palm Pre is still hyped to conquer the long term ruling of iPhone, so AT&T may seem to sense the threat is coming.

PreCentral cited some few points that indubitable on the comparison: (click the image to enlarge)

  • The Palm Pre “Touchscreen control gestures not intuitive” whereas the iPhone features “Patented Multi-Touch screen” and “Fast and responsive navigation.” Hokay.
  • The iPhone sports a “Thinner, lighter, bigger screen, metal and glass design” while the Pre is “Available in Black only; plastic casing.”
  • The Pre gets knocked for not being a GSM world phone and “Limited free Wi-Fi access” because they don’t get to use AT&T Hotpots.
  • The Pre has an “Unproven App Catalog app store.”

These phone rivalries that have been into so many comparisons will come to conclusion until users have spoken. Users will still be the judge on how Pre will be compared on iPhone, and not on the carriers (assume AT&T) talking unfairly sided on their held mobiles.

If AT&T have freak out to tell this document for their employees, we may see Palm Pre is really on the way coming.

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