Apple iPhone 2009 rumored to support HD Video Playback and Output

iPhone 2009

Another buzzing rumor published for iPhone 2009 is that it would support HD Video playback and output. If this rumor will be true, there are a whole lot of features to be excited for the incoming new version. According to PhoneNews Apple will be replacing out their Apple Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable with a new Apple AV Cable that supports both functionality.

The new AV cable would allow user connectivity for their iPhones and iTouches to HDTV and normal resolution TVs. This made even sweeter by PhoneNews telling that the iPhone 2009 would be supporting high-resolution 720p HD video playback.

Pressing the juices on this HD features, it would allow users to watch videos stored on their iPhone to big screen, somehow like the Apple TV stream video via iTunes. If this feature will be gone good, then you’ll have the luxury of an Apple TV in HD quality on the go just pinned on your pocket.

If we’re talking if this feature will be possible, then we can say that there is no roadblock for this yet possible another Apple innovations on media usage.

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