Top 5 Best Ultra-portable Netbooks

Top 5 Best Ultra-portable Netbooks

Mobile phone industry have been very successful the fast few years, growing today from highest of 60% with only under 15% by 2002, now 6 out 10 people in the world population have mobile phones in their hands. On the other hand netbooks are not that far with the trends it’s suggesting right now from the growth mobile phones industry. In the near future we can expect that 6 or more in 10 people worldwide owned a netbooks.

With this amazing advancement and growth in the information and communication technology both on mobile communication including the internet access and usage suggest a trend in the need of portable device for convenient access and mobility. In addition with this, internet usages have grown 23% on 2008, doubled from 11% on 2002, making 1 on 20 people have an internet connection worldwide. We see now how smartphones are taking part in the market and so netbooks.

If smartphones are made with the combined functionalities of a PC and mobile phone, netbooks are mini-computers with almost same standard functionality which you can find on laptops or desktop. Netbooks are made to accommodate the demand on mobile computing, and the search for low-price device with the ease of use, light-weight, trendy and stylish gadget.

Dell, Asus, Acer and Sony are few of the most popular innovators in the computing industry nowadays, giving us some of the most popular netbooks available in the market. In line of growing market for netbooks, even mobile phone company like Nokia are looking actively on producing a netbooks of their own (N810 probably the hint). Entering the crowded mini-notebook industry, without any something new to offer will be stiff since there’s a standard convention going on for netbook specification trends-like limiting it only to standard 1.6GHz processor speed, 160GB of storage and 1GB of memory.

Considering a wide variety of netbooks in the market right now, let’s now try to see the top 5 ultra-portable netbooks with decent functionality and worth the price of your single penny. Now let’s see the top 5 mini-notebooks.

The staggering pace of mini-notebooks of about 5.2M units last year and about 8M by this year(according to Gartner) of a possible 50M units shipped by 2012 is really a market demand to look for. Exploring all possible competing netbooks by 2012, may surpass our expectations, but for now our top 5 lies on their respective place on our ranking.

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