Sony PSP-4000 rumored design seems coming to life

Sony PSP-4000 PSP2

Sony PSP2 dubbed PSP-4000 rumor still roaming hot on the tech and gaming community. I believe that the Nintendo DSi being the Amazon’s best seller is still watching for this rumored competitor in the making. And sad to know for the DSi this rumored development is backed up by a developer source “close to Sony”.

According to the developer source, the PSP2 designed without a UMD drive and with a sliding screen that covers most of the controls when it’s closed. Along with this, Sony is reportedly keen to get developers to create more games that can be played in that state.

No words of confirmation from Sony, but Eurogamers are holding on probable release at the end of this year.

If the rumors will be true, I believe this would be the upgrade gamers have been waiting for and not Sony’s recent minor update for PSP-3000. Let’s just see if the PSP2 rumored design will come into life for the following days to come until Sony crack all about the details.

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