NVIDIA provides PhysX to Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3

NVIDIA provides PhysX to Nintendo Wii and  Sony PlayStation 3

NVIDIA PhysX will be coming on your favorite gaming consoles. There’s no doubt about this, as Sony PlayStation 3 developments will be using PhysX technology software with accordance to last week signed agreement with NVIDIA. And now after few days, NVIDIA published same agreement with Nintendo with its bestselling Wii console.

NVIDIA is proud to support Playstation 3 as an approved middleware provider,” said Tony Tamasi, senior vice president of content and technology at NVIDIA. “Games developed for the Playstation 3 using PhysX technology offer a more realistic and lifelike interaction between the games characters and other objects within the game. We look forward to the new games that will redefine reality for a new generation of gamers.

We don’t know what will be the conflicts of NVIDIA software on developments with Nintendo Wii, as we know its running on ATI graphics solutions.

“Adding a PhysX SDK for Wii is key to our cross-platform strategy and integral to the business model for our licensed game developers and pulishers,” said Tony.

Interestingly, with the availability of PhysX technology for more games developer we will see the development of future games with of realistic graphics and highly interactive environments for our gaming consoles, portables and PCs.

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