Nokia N97 available pre-order at around $1,075, expected Jun 23rd

Nokia N97 available pre-order at around $1,075

Nokia N97 really has that whooping features, but to see it online with a whooping price is another features that Nokia high-end phones always have. Considering also that it would be the first on to taste the Skype App, it will saves you doing phone calls anywhere. Nokia’s multi-touch flagship will cost you around $1,075(€844.99 at eXpansys) for a smartphone, which I believe try considering other brand or try waiting for other offer.

I know that we both hoping for a cheaper price of N97, besides we have more room to wait for other offer, cause as expected N97 will ships by last week of Jun(another rumored is by March 31st).

But if you’re willing to shed your penny’s for a sure N97 order, you can follow the link below. If you forgot what the details about N97 you may follow the trivia about this phone read the following.

Goto eXpansys

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