Nintendo DS Consoles Surpassed 100 million sales

Nintendo DSi

Despites the economic downturn, Nintendo said that sales of its portable Nintendo DS have topped 100 million units less than five years since its launch, making its milestone earlier than any gaming console.

The handheld Nintendo DS surpassed the 100 million mark last March 6 which includes the DS’s original model which has been launched on November 2004, DS Lite and the DSi which have been released to Japan last November and this April in United States (pre-order bestseller on Amazon).

Comparing DS to Sony PlayStation 2, this took five years and nine months to achieve the 100 million mark.

The DS appeals to it users, not only for the young gamers, but the people who’s young at heart and family at most, “We aim to shift from one machine for one family to one machine for one person,” the Kyoto-based company said.

Another Nintendo’s pride the Wii console has been making it big in the market, helping Nintendo routes the effects of the economic slump.

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