iPhone 3.0 Cut and Paste to match Palm Pre -Confirmed by Kevin Rose

iPhone 3.0 Cut and Paste to match Palm Pre -Confirmed by Kevin Rose

If the iPhone OS 3.0 will features this and that, apparently there’s some confirmations that brings some of our expectations to near life. According to Digg’s Kevin Rose iPhone 3.0 will have copy and paste during the live Diggnation show at SXSW in Austin.

“The breakdown of unconfirmed rumours goes like this:
– Cut and paste in 3.0
– Users magnify or double tap a word to bring up cut and paste
– Pinch “boundaries” to select word(s); Rose called them “copy boundaries
– Then you get option to cut, paste or copy”

Rose says, that the interface will be like a magnifying glass, the user will use his two fingers to select the text you want and then you can copy or paste. Apparently, there be some little thing that brings color to Kevin’s statement, that the 3.0 won’t have support for background apps, video and MMS.

They say that Apple iPhone 3.0 will have whatever Palm Pre’s have shown us so far. So it seems the Pre is becoming the yardstick of smartphone competition. Let just see how the development of this rumors runs when the Apple Special event by Tuesday unveils iPhone 3.0.

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