iLuv rolls out iEP505 Earphones for iPod shuffle

iLuv rolls out iEP505 Earphones for iPod shuffle

Apple has recently launched its new iPod shuffle, with its unique headphones controls and simple plain mini-body pod. The headphones are too unique that you will need a third party application just to use any other headset. Apparently, this will not be a deal-breaker on iPod shuffle as iLuv introduces iEP505 earphones.

The new iPod shuffle headphones have all the controls on it and it will take you a while to master them. The iEP505 earphones features and works like the default headset for shuffle so you won’t need any kind of adapter to make them work.

iLuv iEP505 headphones for shuffle will be available for another $50 with exciting color variants of black, white, pink, red and blue.

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