ASUS Marine Cool concept motherboard to showcase at CeBIT

ASUS Marine Cool concept motherboard

PC gaming enthusiast may I have your attention please. How cool is your motherboard? Besides from their recent release of ROG Rampage II GENE motherboard, ASUS have another offering that I know you would wish ASUS go on for immediate production. Know more about the ASUS concept motherboard after the break.

High-end gamers watch out for this ASUS work of art –entitled “Marine Cool”, unlike any other mobo on the market, this board features a backplate that boasts a “micro-porous ceramic” technology, which supposedly delivers quicker heat dissipation and should also improve the structural integrity of the entire board. If you’re still wondering what this backplate can provide, you can have your extreme overclocking performance without using a much sophisticated cooling system.

Another interesting feature here is the SO-DIMM slots that replace the traditional DIMM slots. This maybe a drawback for this concept design, but maybe we can expect some changes, on its prototyping or in the final production product.

Let’s see more about the details of this piece of craft, when ASUS debuts it’s at CeBIT in Germany.

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